On the Sport and exercise Module the walking group have been looking at the best type of apps to use on your phone when walking. It is always good idea to take out an OS map and be able to read when walking as well as a compass because if you have no signal you have a fallback to help you find your way. But if you want to use your phone there are some great walking apps out there. One of the best is OS maps. This helps to locate where you are and also has a red directional arrow. OS Locate is also handy if you get lost as it will give a grid reference that you can use to alert people where you are. What3words is an app that also help you to be located using 3 words. Globally the world has been split into metre squares with 3 different distinct words which can also be used to locate you if you are lost. Finally MapmyWalk is a great app for tracking your walk and giving you a GPS route of where you have walked. it also gives you some key walk statistics as you build fitness.

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