We are pleased to announce that the new Community Service Training Module will be available from January 2021. It can be taken as part of the Challenge Age Programme or as a stand-alone module.

Volunteering is a key element to delivering a community service. In 2017/18, 20.1 million (38%) people in the UK volunteered formally at least once a year and 11.8 million (22%) of people did so at least once a month.‘Wanting to do good’ is the most common motivation to volunteer. In 2017/18, 46% of people said that they volunteer to improve things and help others.In 2015/16, there were around 166,000 voluntary organisations in the UK, most of which rely on volunteers. In 2015, volunteering was worth more than £22.6bn to the UK economy. This is equivalent to about 1.2% of GDP. 67% of volunteers give their time to charities and community groups, but many others also volunteer in the public and private sectors.

The aim of the Community Service Module at Bronze level is to undertake service for others in your community. It may be working with a personal services charity to reach out to isolated individuals by telephoning or carrying out deliveries or working with environmental charities that are improving the landscape for wildlife. The aim of this module is to undertake a service that will benefit others either directly (e.g. carry out a service) or indirectly (e.g. fund raising). Community Service (Bronze) is a 20 hour Module which will involve online learning and attending online meetings as well as undertaking at least 14 hours of community service.

Learning Objectives

  1. Gain an understanding the course structure and the requirements of meeting the required level for the Bronze Award.
  2. Appreciate the importance of undertaking community service and the impact it can have on you and others
  3. Undertake a self-assessment of your community service experience
  4. Select an appropriate community service area for you to volunteer
  5. Identify and plan your community service with an appropriate organisation
  6. Understand your organisation, its beneficiaries and roles and responsibilities within the organisation
  7. Identify how to stay safe and how to safeguard others
  8. Undertaking your community service
  9. Undertake reflections and plan your progression to the Silver Award

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