course structure

Course Information

Challenge Age is a supported programme with a team of experienced trainers and an effective online learning platform. The overall programme is 220 hours and involves telephone coaching, online meetings and undertaking activities that will develop you as an individual and team member. Normally it would take an individual around 2-4 weeks (20 hours) to complete the Gateway and around 3-6 months to complete both Bronze (80 hours) and Silver (80 hours) and a further 2-3 months to complete Gold (40 hours). Overall, the whole programme can be completed within 6 months – 1 year. The journey and the period of reflection is as important as the attainment of the Award.


How is it structured?

The programme starts with a Gateway Module that enables participants to become connected using new technologies that will enable them to network with others on the programme and within their community. The Gateway module enables the participant to start to get online using new technologies including online meeting technology, online learning, and social media. It starts with a coaching telephone call and ends with the participant operating safely and effectively in online space to connect with others.

Once the Gateway Module is completed Challenge Age participants undertake 4 challenges that will enable them to develop themselves as part of a personal development journey. These are to undertake:

  • community service.
  • sport or physical exercise
  • new skill or hobby
  • journey of discovery or expedition

After completing the 4 challenges at Bronze (as an individual) and Silver (as a member of a team). Participants can achieve a Gold Award by leading or mentoring others through one of the challenges.

Online Learning

Challenge Age use the Canvas Learning Platform, As part of the programme we will show you how to use it successfully. The online learning platform is where the content for the course is stored. We will use a range of icons on the learning platform to let you know what is expected of you:


Undertaking an Activity

Attend an online meeting

Undertaking some reading

Watching some Video Clips

Reflecting on your learning


When you see these icons, you will need follow the resources/guides that are provided for you.


The Gateway

The cost of the Gateway is £50 and can be taken as a stand-alone module. The total time to complete is 20 hours. Payment is payable in advance. For Isle of Wight Council residents receiving income support there are 30 free places which are available on application with evidence of qualifying benefits. This programme is supported by Isle of Wight Council Adult & Community Learning Programme.

Sport & Exercise Module

The cost of undertaking the Bronze (£40) and Silver Sport & Exercise Module is £40 and can be taken as a stand-alone module. The total time to complete both is 40 hours. This programme is supported by Isle of Wight Active Innovation Grant


Alternatively, you can undertake all the programme and the total cost of undertaking the whole programme is £300 and is payable in advance. The Full programme is available from January 2021