Where and when can you undertake challenge age

Challenge Age is a national programme for adults 50+ and will be available from 2021 across the UK.

Over a third of the UK population is over 50 (34%) and this is rising. From September 2020 Challenge Age will be piloted on the Isle of Wight. The pilot will test out the connectivity concept and the model of learning using peer mentoring and support.

Isle of Wight is well-placed to pilot this programme as there is a high proportion of adults 50+ (40%) and there is a strong community support for the use of digital technologies and an improving infrastructure for superfast broadband and 5G mobile networks. Access to the programme will be through application to the Course Team via the link APPLY NOW.

To get started all you will need is access to a suitable device (laptop, smartphone, tablet or PC) ) (Put in Link to device specifications) Through telephone coaching the Challenge Age Team will help you set up your device safely so that you can fully access the programme.

Drop us a line and we will contact you